Meet The Children

Get to know some of the children living at Hogar de Dios in
Bolivia who require special medical care.

Every child deserves a chance to live a better life

All of our emergency medical supplies are provided to the children at El Hogar de Dios shelter in Bolivia to help with their medical care. It is my hope that by learning more about the children at the shelter, kindhearted individuals like you might be inspired to donate to meet their medical needs – or even more, to sponsor an individual child.

Meet Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos is 12 years old and suffers from both paralysis and severe pulmonary issues. Juan Carlos is an orphan, and does not have any family to rely on. He has been at the shelter for many years, and being sponsored could help pay for the medication to help alleviate the problems caused by his pulmonary disorder, as well as provide the medication needed to keep him healthy.

Meet Liliana

Liliana is 8 years old and was left at the shelter following the passing of her mom, leaving her and her 6 siblings alone as her father had abandoned the family prior to her mom’s death. Liliana suffers from severe physical disabilities, and a sponsorship would allow her to get the therapy she needs to function normally.

Meet Marisol

Marisol is 7 years old and is known for always being sweet and smiling no matter what. Marisol is one of the less severe cases at the orphanage, and with a sponsorship, she will be able to get the therapy she needs to work on her basic motor skills and live a happy, normal life.

Meet Franklin

Franklin is 11 years old and was abandoned by his family when they realized he had brain paralysis. Although his family has never come to visit him, Franklin is a super friendly, cheerful boy, and would benefit from lots of therapy and love.

Meet Luis Alberto

Luis Alberto is a loving, happy 8 year old. He is an orphan and does not have any family, but he is always smiling and happy in every picture. He suffers from very mild brain paralysis, and with a sponsorship to provide him with the medication and therapy he needs, Luis Alberto could lead a normal life.

Meet Natalia

Natalia was abandoned outside the shelter at only 2 years old, just days before Christmas in 2011. She suffers from brain paralysis and severe respiratory issues, which allow her to only breathe through her mouth with much difficulty. Due to the difficulty of breathing, Natalia makes a constant rasping sound that breaks your heart. With a sponsorship, Natalia could get access to desperately needed equipment to help her breathe with less difficulty.

Meet John Gustavo

John Gustavo is 16 years old and one of the most severe cases in the orphanage. He suffers from a multitude of different illnesses alongside his brain paralysis, including a cleft lip and cleft palate. John Gustavo frequently needs hospitalization for his illnesses, and with a sponsorship, he could more easily access the medical care he needs, and potentially get surgery to repair his lip in the future.