About Us

Meds4kidz Foundation Inc. is a non-profit focused on helping under-privileged children in Bolivia get the medicine they desperately need. We partner with organizations in Bolivia – currently the Hogar de Dios shelter for sick children – to raise money to buy the medicines that no one else will bring them.

Meet Daniela Tejada

Hi, I’m Daniela Tejada, a 17 year old student and the President of the Meds4kidz Foundation. I founded Meds4Kidz seven years ago when I was nine years old. My younger sister Ariela is the Vice President and works alongside me to make this foundation the best it can be.

Here’s how it all started…

I grew up with the desire to help those less fortunate and help them improve their lives. I always helped and donated with my parents, but it wasn’t until 2012, when I went to the United Nations as a Student Ambassador, that I figured out how I would channel my help. It was during my participation at the Model Montessori United Nations that I felt empowered to take action and started Meds4Kidz Foundation Inc.

Initially, I sold hand-made rubber band bracelets, but soon realized this was not enough to get the kids all the help they desperately needed. So, after giving it a lot of thought, other ways to raise funds started taking shape and I have been working on it to make the organization grow and help more kids. Meds4Kidz has organized 5ks, fundraising events, and run successful GoFundMe campaigns to help the children in Bolivia.

Past Campaigns


We helped Centro Nutricional San Luis, a nutritional center/orphanage in San Carlos, Bolivia. Some of the children at the center are orphans; others have parents, but they are so poor that they can’t feed their kids properly, so the kids end up sick and are taken to the center for help. After our 5ks and fundraising events, my family and I took trips out to the orphanage to deliver the medicine we had bought with the money from the fundraisers. 

Current Campaign

As of right now, Meds4Kidz is focusing on helping El Hogar De Dios, a shelter for children suffering from cerebral palsy and other severe illnesses. Last fall was our third trip to the orphanage, and we are currently working on a campaign to raise as much money as we can. These kids desperately need our help and we are so glad that with your support, we will be able to provide the medicine and equipment they need.



With the money we raise through Meds4kidz, we buy medicine and medical supplies for these children. We are proud to say that 100% of the contributions we receive through our events and website go directly to buying medicine for the kids. All of the operational costs for running the Meds4kidz Foundation are funded separately, so all our event and website donors’ money always goes 100% to this amazing cause.

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