2020 has been a turbulent year for all of us.

We want to make sure 2020 ends on a high note for the children in Bolivian orphanages. We’re reaching out to our network to give Christmas to the children there, and ask you to support in any way you can!

Meet the children of Bolivian shelters below, and click Donate to buy them Christmas gifts of socks, clothing, medicine, and more!

Choose a child to support this Christmas

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Support In Any Way You Can

The children above hail from various shelters around Boliva who we work with. In addition, we also support the El Hogar de Dios shelter. Due to the lack of public funding for healthcare in Bolivia, the orphanage has been creative in looking for new ways to fund their work: they have a cheese factory that helps offset their costs! Unfortunately due to COVID this year, production has been low, and there’s a larger gap than usual in their funding. We are helping to close that gap by asking for support from our supporters.